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Welcome to the Nation's Capital

Introducing the Ladies novels to new readers here in Ottawa was challenging, given COVID conditions. No worries - I participated as one of five local authors invited to showcase our books at the Byward Authors Market in mid-August. Three of the five writers were repeat visitors to these events. One of the other authors was a writer I met pre-COVID. They say Ottawa is a small town and they are correct!

It was a lovely summer day, sunny and hot but not too humid. A rarity for Ottawa, methinks. The crowd at the public market made for interesting people-watching. And listening. One young woman pushing a stroller noticed the sign for the Authors Market and turned to her friends to ask, "What's an author?"

Suffice to say it was a long day, but chats with some of the people who stopped by my socially distanced display were great and reminded me why I wrote the novels in the first place. I even sold some!

I'm looking forward to introducing my novels in a more targeted way, but that might have to wait for pandemic restrictions to be loosened more. Good thing I am a patient person. And yes, that's me hiding behind a mask and sunglasses.

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Rosa Tesler Mabe
Rosa Tesler Mabe
16 Ιουλ 2021

Following you and your work is a pleasure for me

thank you and warm regards.Keep working on your talent


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